GRBS (Garden Route Business Services) provides companies with the right support, tools and resources to grow their business.

Smaller businesses (and some fairly large businesses) cannot always afford all the various business services on a permanent basis, and often there is no need for permanent appointments for these services – one would have difficulty in justifying paying a full-time accountant, for instance, when such an accountant only works for ten or fifteen hours in a month. It remains however necessary for certain services such as financial management (accounting and budgeting), advisory services (marketing strategy, production management), inventory management and human resources management (personnel management, including labour relations) to be available for businesses of any size.

In order to make these essential services available to local businesses, Garden Route Business Services was established. Based in Mossel Bay, GRBS is set to deliver the necessary services to all businesses in the Southern Cape. All these services are available on an ad-hoc or “pay-as-you-use”basis – no membership fees are payable.

Why choose GRBS?

A number of reasons stand out when it comes to selecting GRBS as an extension of your business:

  1. We’re personal – we count each and every customer as important.  You get personalized service, not a one-size-fits-all package.
  2. We’re experienced – with a history of providing sophisticated services and the experience of our members, we are the ONE to choose.
  3. We deliver excellent value – while we deliver top class quality service, we have respect for the bottom line. We deliver correctly the first time on time and save you the expense of having a permanent official that needs to be paid despite not adding value all the time.
  4. We’re upfront – we don’t lure you in with promises of “free” that don’t pan out.  There are no catches and no hidden fees.  You will always know exactly what you are getting and what it costs.
  5. We respect your time – we will be on time for your appointment and will remain within the agreed timeframes, unless otherwise agreed
  6. We are there for you – advice and guidance availability extends beyond the initial brief and project, on a “pay-per-use” basis.
  7. Our continued success and popularity in the market relies heavily on customer satisfaction – therefore we insist on delivering quality work.

At GRBS we believe in a process oriented approach to ensure that we deliver the best possible service at a competitive price for the task at hand. With our professional and quality service, we form relationships with our clients so that we can continue to be of service long after the initial project.

GRBS invites you to make us an extension of your back-office to pursue success together.

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